Welcome to Commerce International, one of UKs leading names in property development and investment. We are proud specialists in development of properties and their investment across the whole of the UK. We have been developing hotels, student accommodations and care homes since 2010. We have a reputation in creating contemporary hotels, student accommodations and care homes across the UK. With our knowledge, networks and partnerships we make it look easy..

Current Developments


Why Us ?

We know that we are among the best at what we do. We at Commerce International understand that our specialist development areas of hotels, student accommodation and care homes requires expert and in depth knowledge and the infrastructure to get the project moving and to deliver. Our in house team of projects managers, architects and contractors as well as the support teams around them allows us to be a one stop shop in constructing any project to a high quality that always exceeds expectations. .

Our Developments

As Commerce International is not only a property developer but has vast experience in financial consultancy, we have a great history of developing properties in the UK which attain high returns for our clients and investors. These are just some of the projects we have recently worked on..

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